Monitoring the Earth

The Center for Global Soundscapes’ mission is to support discovery, learning and engagement activities that lead to the preservation of Earth’s natural acoustic heritage.

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From soundscapes in the desert, the tropics, to vernal ponds of the estuaries, and the planet’s megacities, the Center for Global Soundscapes is advancing our knowledge of nature and society.

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Nature’s sounds soothe and heal us, and they are worth protecting for future generations to enjoy.

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Soundscapes are easy entry points to learn about physics, neurobiology, ecology and even mathematics. Concepts of sound integrate all STEM fields using the familiar (what we hear).

What Are We working On?


The center is working all over the world. Listen, learn and enjoy the sounds that the planet makes by visiting the web sites of our research, education and outreach projects.

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Full Spectrum

All sounds, pressure waves, and vibrations of a place recorded continuously for an entire year using several sensors.

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Record The Earth

Help us to capture the sounds of the planet and how people connect to their acoustic environment.

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iMax Video

Learn about the exciting new educational film we are developing for middle school students and the public.

Center for Global Soundscapes Office

Want to stop by? Come visit us at:
3113A/A Lilly Hall, located at 915 Mitch Daniels Blvd
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