Mission Statement



Our Purpose: To achieve a sustainable future by providing novel ways for society and nature to thrive and live in harmony.

Our Vision: To inspire society to rediscover the natural world through our work on the sounds of nature.

Our Mission: Our mission is to use novel ways to provide natural resource managers with information for biodiversity conservation and to advance our understanding of how people connect to the natural world through the sounds of nature. Our overarching goal is to promote a harmonious co-existence of society and nature for a sustainable future through impactful discovery, learning, engagement, and innovation.

Values and Goals:

  • We Co-Produce:  We work across all disciplines and with diverse cultures to co-produce knowledge and outcomes that are valuable to society at local to global scales.
  • We Tell Positive Stories:  Our stories of discovery and engagement with the sounds of nature inspire an awe of the natural world and an excitement of being a scientist.
  • We Inspire:  Our work motivates society to value, listen to, and preserve the diversity of natural sounds on Earth.
  • We Have Global Impact:  We conduct our work in every ecosystem on Earth because the sounds of a place inform us about the health of the ecosystem and the sounds that form a sense of place for people.
  • We Innovate:  Our social entrepreneurialism and spirit for innovation will be used as models for other programs at Purdue and around the world. We continually demonstrate the enormous potential to use sound to address ecological and social problems in unique ways.
  • We Work in Exceptional Learning Communities:  Our learning community fosters new ways to study soundscapes and apply this knowledge to solve problems. We use diverse team science and transdisciplinary methods to mentor junior scientists, and produce new leaders and thinkers equipped to solve pressing world problems. We create impactful programs that teach people about natural sounds at all ages, backgrounds, and knowledge levels.
  • We Are Scholars:  We strive to be leading scholars in the field of soundscape ecology, and we build up scholars around us.
  • We Build Partnerships:  We form strong alliances with other Purdue groups, exceptional scholars at other universities and research institutions, informal learning organizations, local communities, decision makers, natural resource managers, talented educators, and businesses through our integrative programs which all focused to improve biodiversity and promote better human well-being.