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Dr. Bryan C. Pijanowski


As the Director of Purdue’s Center for Global Soundscapes, I oversee all projects ensuring that they help achieve our overall mission of preserving Earth’s natural acoustic heritage. The sounds of our planet are important to its survival, and these sounds are a valuable part of an person’s attachment to place and are integrated into society’s complex fabric. I highly value the very interdisciplinary nature of the study of soundscapes, as different perspectives across the sciences, arts, and engineering will lead to a transformative understanding of the role that natural soundscapes play in nature and in society.

My academic training is in animal behavioral ecology but since obtaining my PhD, I have explore how ecology, social science, technology and the arts can be integrated using theories and tools to address grand challenge problems that exist in the 21st century.

As the Director, I attempt to translate the energy and enthusiasm I have for nature into everything I do – teaching, research and engagement with the public.

Comparing the dawn chorus of different ecosystems, studying how 19th century naturalists and 20th century scholars have used their observation skills so that their work has high impact within science and society; and how new tools can be used to do work that has never before been attempted.