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Kristen Bellisario

soundscape musicologist

I am a classically-trained musician with specialized training in new music pedagogy and analysis. My studies in California were predominantly in Western music, but Iā€™m well-rounded with a background in geology, music philosophy and anthropology. Environmental sounds impact how I connect with the world and create music, so the study of soundscapes and its relationship to diverse ecosystems is a natural fit for my doctoral work.

Sounds are so magnificent! Working with our diverse ecosystem recordings, I am using computational musicology approaches, which is essentially exporting musical features as data to quantify environmental changes, such as a spectral quality in a birdsong that is missing in a disturbed area. In addition, my background includes multimedia development and so, assist in our scientific communication efforts via movie editing and design of educational interactive devices.

Outside the lab, I spend time with my children and family ā€” hiking and experiencing the beautiful American landscapes ā€” and playing my flute.